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Day 7: How do you Communicate?

In your D/s relationship, have you discovered what is the most effective way to communicate with the other side of the slash? Do you write things down in a journal, have your Dtype read and respond when He has a moment? Do you sit down and calmly talk about whatever is on your minds?

Personally, I do not feel that there is any one “right” way to communicate. I believe that every conversation is based upon its content, intensity, and what emotions the conversation will provoke. I am better with words in writing, so I do have a journal on google docs that I share with Pappa. I actually began that journal one day when I was sitting in Wendy’s dining room, while he was working. They were things that came to mind that I wanted and needed him to know. Since we lived two hours apart, the journal was a fantastic way for me to express my feelings when I needed to and for him to read about them when he was able to. Our work hours were totally opposite of each other for the most part.

Now that we are living together, do I still write down and journal to Him? Yes, yes I do. Do we talk with our voices? Yes, yes we do. Is there any one way that is better than the other? No, no there is not. The MAIN point in this communication blog post, it is to get you to think about how YOU communicate with your partner. Are there ways that you could tweek your communication style for the better? Maybe you should just have a “Communication Chat” with your partner and determine what you both feel will be the best way to communicate towards each other would be.

Live, Love, Learn ❤

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