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Life Coach

Pappa and I like to watch “My 90 day Fiance” and “Before the 90 Days”. One of the guys on the show is a Life Coach. Pappa asked me how does a person go about getting certified to be a life coach? He thinks that it is a ridiculous job.

I then proceeded to tell him that I consider him to be MY Life Coach. He laughed at that and said he most definitely is not a Life Coach. As my Dominant and as my Partner, I look to him for His guidance, His support, His knowledge, etc. When I have to make a decision without Him, I ask myself first, what has Pappa taught me and what decision would make Him proud of me?

I find myself telling my students things that I have learned from Him. I can feel myself becoming stronger because of Him. I find myself making decisions, sticking to those decisions, defending those decisions, and sticking up for myself to others. I know longer bite my tongue and say exactly what it is that I am thinking.

Do you have a Life Coach? Do they know that is what they are to you? What do they do for you? I want to hear all about it.

Live, Love, Learn ❤

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